Allegheny Moon (2012)

for band
duration 6’

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Greenwood Community Band; Brent Snyder, conductor


Allegheny Moon is a simple, short portrait capturing the beauty found in the mountains of Pennsylvania. The sight of the Alleghenies and Appalachians is something that I’ve taken in throughout most of my life, and I’m continually intrigued by their juxtaposition of perfect stillness and life. The piece is a statement of fascination for a place that awes with its balance of vitality and reflection.In creating Allegheny Moon, I wanted to portray both of these concepts effectively, yet not obviously. While working on early ideas for the piece, I stumbled upon a melody sung by Vivien Richman on the Smithsonian Folkways label entitled Pittsburgh Hymn. As I continually replayed Ms. Richman’s beautifully simple melody in my head, new ideas kept growing out of and around it, weaving themselves into Allegheny Moon.

Allegheny Moon was composed for the Greenwood Community Band in Millerstown, Pennsylvania.